How We Help

The Canadian Homeownership program is put in place to help less fortunate Canadians to become homeowners in a short while.

  • Our Rent To Own/ lease Option, sales, and management services includes but are not limited to residential buildings as well as third-party clients.
  • To assist our clients qualify for their mortgage and become a homeowner.
  • To help you move to a new area without a complete waste of rent.
  • To build your confidence about home ownership.
  • To assist you to get back into the housing market.
  • To trash every hiccups and constraint in the course of home acquisition or rent.
  • To educate our clients on how to pay their mortgage in less than half the time.
  • To instruct you on how to overcome credit issues and get ready for the mortgage market.
  • To assist Canadian families to increase their net worth, reach your financial potential, reduce debt and maintain excellent business stability.
  • To equip you in all necessary way for the acquisition of a comfortable home.

Welcome to Canadian Homeownership. We are experienced group of real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, investors trainers and legal practitioners who are experts in real estate, real estate financing, and related professional services. Canadian home owners has been at the service of numerous clients since its establishment through our Rent to Own / Lease Option Programs.

We avail Rent To Own/Lease Options as a creative tool in real estate investment which is meant to benefit all parties involved (Tenants/Buyers/Landlord/Investors/Real Estate Professionals etc.) in the transaction. A Rent To Own/Lease Options can be extremely lucrative especially the “no money down” type. Though this is mostly practiced in the US, its only now becoming more familiar to Canadians.

Our team of professionals is bent on promoting your comfort also through education and training. Hence we bring you a satisfactory service at your door step. To help our clients achieve successful outcomes and enhance the value of their properties, we maximize emerging technology and trend to yield deeper innovative insights such as valuation and portfolio optimization.
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Summarily, making the sizeable real estate service the turn of a mill.