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Membership FAQs

Canadian Home Ownership was established to assist anyone who wants to find out more about real estate investing. Canadian Home Ownership was also established for more experienced investors to meet regularly and exchange information, therefore promoting the advancement of all real estate investors. There is no obligation and no pressure to attend a meeting. If you choose to attend a Canadian Home Ownership event, no one will screen you to see if you have any experience. If you approach a Canadian Home Ownership staff member and ask a question, we’ll quickly answer your question or if we can’t answer your question, we’ll refer you to someone who can.


Networking Presentations from professional speakers in the real estate investment business and other related services. Presentation by vendors of valuable real estate services geared toward the real estate investor Small group discussions or “round tables” that discuss a contemporary real estate topic like getting a loan, appraisals, or Credit Issues etc. The “Real Estate Round Table” networking meetings where investors get together and talk shop, and analyze and construct deals with actual participants and actual deals. Just as the title suggests, everyone is welcome, newbie and experienced investors. Much more!

There is no special requirement you just need to be an individual wanting to learn more about real estate investment and who sees the value of network and learning from others. You may also be an experienced investor who enjoys networking and educational events that will enable you to move to the next level in your business. You can sign up on this website. Just go to the Membership page to find out more.


You can call us at 1-877-967-1818 and ask to speak to a staff.

The term of the membership is one year. You have 14 days from the date you sign up if you want to cancel. After that you are locked in for at least six months.


New members have 14 days from their join date to receive a full refund of their enrollment fee.

Canadian Home Ownership allows members to bring guests. You must pre-register the guest. Please see the Club Rules for the applicable guest policies and fees.

Canadian Home Ownership is available to member and their guest 18 years and over.

People from all attend our meetings. The usual meeting participant is just like you just trying to find out more about real estate investment. Other more experienced investors attend the meeting to network with other investors, bring a product or property to sell, or to hear the latest technique in real estate investment during a presentation from a nationally recognized real estate investor. We strive to provide educational and informative meetings for the beginner as well as the experienced investor.

Upgrading your membership has never been faster or easier. You can do it all online simply by clicking hereOr stop by the office.

The Canadian Home Ownership is dedicated to providing members with resources that help them become better real estate investors. The Canadian Home Owners bring together resources and the right type of education and the likeminded people to help you achieve your GOAL.

The Canadian Home Ownership offers members numerous discounts, learn new techniques and strategies that if you implement can save you thousands e.g. The Mortgage Reduction Program etc. For many members, the cost of membership pays for itself through these savings.

Take advantage of your new membership the moment your receive your membership log in ID. Your membership login information will be email to you in approx. two weeks upon enrollment.

The Canadian Home Ownership annual membership year is from your enrollment to one year after.

Membership renewal notices are sent via email two months prior to expiration date. We appreciate your prompt payment, which helps us contain our mail expenses.


Canadian Home Ownership offers two different types of membership at this time to meet the needs of different customers. Review the options, prices and other information for each type in the benefits matrix and choose the one that’s right for you.


Membership in the Canadian Home Ownership is open to all people through different membership categories. You may join as an individual, a lawyer, a student , paralegals, accountants,realtors, mortgageagents, insuranceagents, home inspectors,appraisers,investors,homeowners,landlords or anyone who is very serious about their future in the field we are.

There are several options to update your profile information online, by email or call us at 1-877-967-1818.


Yes, if you are an Individual member. To renew online, click here.

Only your spouse living at the same address. The membership does not include family members living outside of your household.

Yes! Canadian Home Ownership offers gift memberships. You can purchase one by applying on the membership page or by calling the office at 1-877-967-1818. We will send a gift membership notecard either to you or directly to the recipient, depending on your preference.

The Canadian Home Ownership will send out emails as well as post it on the web site. Please check the web site very often for updates. Do you share my name with other organizations?

You will get full Refunds for cancellation of membership within fourteen days. Your requested must be in writing within the fourteen days of membership. After that your membership must stay for six months. You can request make a request any time before the six months for a refund of the six months fees minus $25. Administration fee.

Canadian Home Ownership is available Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET at 1-877-967-1818