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Since time immemorial, people have been having issues with finding a suitable place to place their heads. These issues are a threat to life in a minor sense, and on the high side when touching the meaning of comfort without zeal to.back it up with the expenses revolving around it. All these setbacks touch us in our daily life where we become indecisive just because of what our hands are tied with, which might be finances or other external challenges. Therefore, we bring to your doorstep viable ways that are in themselves justifiable to cater for your varying needs as far as owning a home for yourself is concerned.

Our Speciality

Are you having trouble qualifying for your own home right now but want to be a homeowner?
Are you a previous homeowner and just need a little time to repair your credit for something more material?
Are you a tenant looking to move to a new area as a homeowner, but don’t want to throw your money away on rent?
Do you want time to live in a good home in a good neighbourhood before you make a decision?
Do you want time accumulating a down payment via credits?
Are you a newcomer to Canada and having problems qualifying for a mortgage?
Are you self- employed and mortgage challenged?

This is the guideline of what we merely do.
We will screen your application and make recommendations to you based on your situation and profile. Once your profile is live (within 48 to 72 hours), you can then browse all active listings, and apply for current properties we have on our site that meet your needs. This is so just to enable easy access and assess to our proposals which by extension touches your intents in the unique way that you’ve always craved to have.
Don’t see a property in our current listings?  Then switch to providing your specifications. You do this by posting what and where you’re looking for on our website’s Wish List and homeowners, investors, landlords, real estate professionals or our representatives will contact you with properties that meet your needs.
Once you find a property you like, you will finalise the terms of the Lease Option Agreement and be granted the exclusive right to purchase it at the end of the lease term.


Lets take a closer look at the process so that you understand what will take place as a Tenant/Buyer/Optionee:

  • You will enrol in our Rent To Own/Lease Option Program for Tenant/Buyer/Optionees.
  • Your desire property information will be live to our membership.
  • Once your desired property, either from the current Property Listings or the membership you will work on the terms of the property and lease details with the owner. These include the term of the lease, the monthly payment, the option deposit amount, the purchase price of the property and the amount of the credits, including all conditions that make a valid demand etc
  • You’ll also work out the terms regarding the exercise of the option (such as extending the original lease period, obtaining financing within 36 months, who will pay for inspections, work and warranties when the time comes to complete the purchase, etc.)
  • Together with the homeowner, you will fill up a Rent To Own/Lease Option Agreement form.
  • Once all the terms have entered an agreement, then you’ll move into your home.
  • Have the option to purchase it towards the end of the lease term.
  • If you choose to purchase it, you’ll fill out a Purchase and Sale Agreement and complete the sale of the home.

It’s a process which begins once you fill out the Rent To Own/Lease Option Application Form.  This data collation will help us determine what assistance we can be for you and also set you up with a login to access property details and post your ideal property.
We give you a spotlight in an interactive ambience where you get to relate to all property details through your login.