Thinking about selling your home?
Turn Your home into an investment with our rent to Own/Lease Option Program



There are homes best fit as paradise, and there are opposites to this. There are desires to own a thing, and the might not fulfill such desire into viable realisation. There are ways to own a thing with no buoyant financial base and still have the best. Besides, difficulties hold people’s action for ransom, and they are left with choices not on their scale of preference as far as owning a house is concerned. Talking about all these, one must touch issues arising against landlords, homeowners, and doing this also; one would talk about how finance makes them slaves to their intents which ought to be the other way round. To deal with these issues is to think outside the box, it is to challenge one’s seeming comfort zone and decide to touch the sky not too far to one’s fingers.  Here, I mean opportunities so close to us unknowingly. We are in a world of happenings; this is a changing cycle aimed at giving you the best you so wish irrespective of the mode of your investment. This program is the best considerable option when all choices fade away, and this is a program meant to deal with your indecisive capacity to own properties

To Landlords

Are you tired of headaches caused by tenants?
Do you want to have better quality people occupying your property and even paying more on time?
Do you not want to make repairs to the house?
Do you wish to increase your cash flow or get rid of negative cash flow?
Are you interested in no realtor’s commissions to pay?
Do you want to continue enjoying your Tax benefits?
And more?

This is the guideline of what we merely do.
We will screen your application and make recommendations to you based on your situation and profile. Once your profile is live (within 48 to 72 hours), you can then browse all active listings, and apply for current properties we have on our site that meet your needs. This is so just to enable easy access and assess to our proposals which by extension touches your intents in the unique way that you’ve always craved to have.
Don’t see a property in our current listings?  Then switch to providing your specifications. You do this by posting what and where you’re looking for on our website’s Wish List and homeowners, investors, landlords, real estate professionals or our representatives will contact you with properties that meet your needs.
Once you find a property you like, you will finalise the terms of the Lease Option Agreement and be granted the exclusive right to purchase it at the end of the lease term.

To homeowners

Do you want to use your home as an investment property?
Are you tired of paying high mortgages payments?
Do you want to sell but your property value is below standard?
Are you having personal issues and wish to sell?
Do you want to save on realtors cost of selling?
Do you want to relocate but due to circumstances, you can’t sell now?
Do you think of negative cash flow if you rent your house?
Do you want to give up your current home because of adverse situations but don’t know how
And more?

Then this is the right program for you!
How does it work?
You can attend our Free Seminar and get the information on our Rent To Own/Lease Option Program which is exclusively for your pleasure
You can book an appointment with one of our consultants who will explain the program in details, and you’ll get the basics as regards the program.
If you already know the program just fill up an online application and one of our consultants will be in touch with you